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Cold City 80x54cm

Cold City sold

Land Boundary 64x64cm

Land Boundary available
64x64cm Framed £700

Water's Edge

Water's Edge sold

Hot Spell 64x64cm

Hot Spell sold

Shimmering Peaks

Shimmering Peaks sold

Japan Spirit

Japan Spirit available
64x64cm Framed £500

Dark Trees

Dark Trees sold

Distant Landscape

Distant Landscape sold

Graphic Still

Graphic Still sold

Hot Coloured Pots

Hot Coloured Pots sold

Muted Pills

Muted Pills sold

Organic Pills

Organic Pills sold


Random Optical available
     64x64cm Framed £500

Textured Greens 64x64cm

Textured Greens available
     64x64cm Framed £600

Hot Abstract Landscape 64x64cm

Hot Abstract Landscape available
         64x64cm Framed £600

Hot City

City Scape sold

Nightfall 64x64cm

Nightfall sold

Industrial Land 64x64cm

Industrial Land sold

Forest End 64x64cm

Forest End available
64x64cm Framed £600

Distant Warm Sky
Distant Warm Sky sold
Autumn Air

Abandoned sold

Rigid Land

Rigid Land sold

Boundary Dusk

Boundary Dusk available
63.5x76.5cm Framed £700

Summer Closure

Summer Closure sold

Red Cloth Still Life

Red Cloth Still Life sold

Vivid Pills 64x64cm

Vivid Pills sold

Optical Wheel

Optical Wheel sold


Detached Optical available
      64x64cm Framed £500

Blue Trees & Sun Rays 64x64cm

Blue Trees & Sun Rays available
         64x64cm Framed £600

Complimentary Setting

Complimentary Setting sold 

Summer Hills 64x64cm

Summer Hills sold

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